Three Types of Fishing Reels

Florida resident Bill Rego is responsible for overseeing the operations and managing Rego Medical Consultants, LLC, as its CEO and president. Outside of his work in with his Florida-based company, Bill Rego enjoys fishing. Though the concept of fishing seems simple, becoming an efficient angler takes practice. One of the most important parts of becoming adept at fishing is knowing how to operate different kinds of fishing reels.

Spin-casting reels are among the easiest reels to operate, and are recommended for new anglers, as well as children. On this reel, the line is wound around a spool encased within a cover. To cast a spincaster reel, you need to hold down a thumb button located below the reel and let go of the button once the line has reached the correct distance. Spincaster reels fare best when equipped with a light line and a light lure.

A bait-casting reel is considered the most complicated of the three main types of reels due to the fact that the spool does not stay stationary when the line is cast. Instead, it spins as the line unravels, and you must use your thumb to stop the line as the lure hits the water. While perfecting a cast with a baitcaster reel may take some time, the results are more accurate than that of other reels. Baitcaster reels are recommended for anglers out to catch bigger fish.

Lastly, the popular spinning reel affords a anglers more maneuverability than a spincaster, but it is easier to operate than a baitcaster reel. To cast a spinning reel, a half-circle-shaped wire that surrounds the spool called the bail is flipped upward to allow the line to fly freely. Once a lure has hit the water, the bail is manually flipped downward to set the line in place.


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