The Power of Intention – Leaving the Ego Behind

Based in Celebration, Florida, Bill Rego serves as the CEO of Rego Medical Consultants, LLC. The firm offers physician groups and health care organizations operational solutions that enable them to increase their efficiency and profit margins. An avid reader, Bill Rego enjoys books that help entrepreneurs achieve success in business and life. One of his favorite books is The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Taking cues from ancient philosophers such as Lao Tsu, Dyer presents the idea of intention as something far removed from the “ego mantra.” Instead of following the false self that asks how one can personally benefit from a situation, a person mindful of intention attunes to a conscious process of allowing. Asking nothing back, the person gives without expectation and is rewarded through a heightened level of consciousness.

This concept also underpins the law of attraction, which Dyer describes as only working if one does not demand things. Rather than dwelling on wanting and greed, people should focus on core values of love and kindness, and these in turn influence others in a virtuous cycle.


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